Human Services Data:

Baker College reorganized and transitioned from a quarter to a semester institution beginning in fall, 2017. In addition, multiple program changes occurred, including the elimination of some degree levels. In the Human Services Program, the Associate’s Degree was eliminated, with a teachout plan going through summer, 2018.

Baker College uses Qualtrics as a data collection and disaggregation site.

Year Enrollment Graduates Career Outcomes Rate
2016-17 302  321 83%

Program Advisory Board:

The Human Services Program has advisory boards which meet annually on all campuses that offer the program. These leaders from the various career paths, as well as Baker students, graduates and faculty, serve in an advising role. Thus, they provide relevant input and feedback related to improving and strengthening the program in a continuous quality improvement cycle. This would include curriculum, internships, materials and resources needed for the program to remain current and aligned with best practices in the field.

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