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In case of emergency, please call 911.

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger and you are thinking about hurting yourself or another person, please call the National Suicide and Crisis Hotline at 988, available 24/7.

We know that college is hard. Baker College wants to help remove barriers and provide support with whatever you may need. We are here for you, every step of the way.

Possible Reasons for a Referral

Noticeable Change in Behavior or Appearance:

  • Is your friend suddenly acting differently than they have in the past? 
  • Are their moods difficult to predict? 

Isolating or Withdrawing: 

Is your friend skipping meals, avoiding plans and social situations, or staying in their room all day? 

Sudden Change in Life Circumstances: 

  • Are your friend’s parents divorcing?
  • Did they recently suffer the loss of a family, friend, or loved one?
  • Have they gone through a big breakup?
  • Has their financial situation changed?
  • Do they seem to be struggling to cope with these changes and loss?

Disclosed Concerning Information

  • Has your friend told you worrisome thoughts, behaviors, or experiences that you aren’t sure how to handle?
  • Are you concerned about their wellbeing and aren’t sure how to help?

Unhealthy Behavior: 

  • Is your friend drinking excessively, or abusing substances?
  • Has their consumption increased?
  • Do their behaviors feel reckless or out of control?

Threatening Behavior: 

  • Has your friend or classmate made threatening or inflammatory remarks?
  • Have you noticed them expressing an interest in concerning groups online or in person?

Academic Decline

  • Has your friend begun to skip class more or stopped going altogether?
  • Have you noticed their grades declining?

Gut Instinct

Do you have a feeling that something concerning is going on with your friend, roommate, or classmate, but you aren’t sure what? A CARE Team member can still provide caring outreach and offer support to students if you refer them in these cases.

Make a Referral

Follow the link below to submit a referral to the CARE Team.

Frequently Asked Questions