The mission of the Baker College Radiologic Technology program is to enable qualified students to develop into competent and professional entry-level radiographers who are prepared to successfully sit for the ARRT examination and acquire gainful employment. We believe that this is done through exercises in critical thinking, varied clinical experience, the encouragement of universally responsible behavior, and foundations in guiding radiologic principles.

As an essential component of the Baker College’s academic health programs, the Associate Applied Science Degree (AAS) program has the following goals:

  • Students will perform competently.
  • Students will critically think and solve problems effectively.
  • Students will communicate effectively.
  • Students will develop and grow professionally.
  • Students will become successful graduates of the program.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Baker College is an institution focused on customer satisfaction. To that end, any concerns or complaints regarding the Radiologic Technology Program can be sent to the attention of the director of the program on the appropriate campus. The director will investigate the complaint, consult with all parties involved, and provide a response as soon as all information has been evaluated. The program director will inform the Dean of Health Sciences of the complaint, investigation, and what actions have been taken.

If resolution cannot be reached at the level of the program director, the problem will follow the chain of command beginning with the Dean of Health Sciences, followed by the Chief Academic Officer/Vice President of Academics of the campus, the President of the campus, and finally the President of the Baker College System.

Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

Goal I: Students will perform competently.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will produce high quality radiographs.
  • Students will apply appropriate radiation safety measures.
  • Students will consider the needs of others.

Goal II: Students will critically think and solve problems effectively.

Students Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will interpret radiologic principles.
  • Students will adapt to challenging clinical cases.
  • Students will critique radiographs properly.

Goal III: Students will communicate effectively.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will explain information to patients.
  • Students will organize information for physicians.
  • Students will plan patient care with other team members.

Goal IV: Students will develop and grow professionally.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will show support for the profession.
  • Students will consider opportunities for personal development.

Goal V: Students will become successful graduates of the program.

Program Effectiveness Outcomes:

  • Students will become graduates.
  • Graduates will be satisfied with the program.
  • Graduates will become registered radiologic technologists.
  • Graduates will obtain related employment.
  • Employers will be satisfied with graduates.
Featured Alumni

I chose Baker because they had such a detailed laid out plan for me. It got me working as a nurse and their goal is to see everyone off and working. Baker faculty are very prepared professionals. I felt like they set me up for success.

- Leslie Aldrich, Nurse & Baker Grad
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