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Psychology is the study of mental processes and behavior. As such, a scholarly background in psychology is useful and versatile for students to have both personally and professionally. The Psychology program will help to prepare students for a variety of professions and careers or to enter graduate study in psychology, as well as in other related disciplines and fields. The American Psychological Association’s Board of Educational Affairs Task Force established specific guidelines for undergraduate psychology major competencies (Undergraduate Psychology Major Learning Goals and Outcomes: A Report, March 2002). The undergraduate psychology major at Baker College Online adapts from, and conforms to, these guidelines and standards. The program seeks to assist students with the development of foundational skills, information, and knowledge in the discipline of psychology. The student then transfers the information learned into actual knowledge which leads to the transformation of knowledge into understanding and application. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Baker College can be completed completely online or using a blend of online and traditional face-to-face courses at other Baker College campuses. While the program has some courses that are only offered online, students have the opportunity to take several of their psychology courses, general education, and elective courses either online or on ground if that is their preference.

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Its been a great experience and very proud to display my degrees from Baker. I’m confident that it gave me the skills needed to be successful, and I think I’ve proven that obtaining the position I’ve obtained in a short period of time in corrections.

- Jeremy Bush, Warden B.S. Criminal Justice, A.S. Criminal Justice
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