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Baker College's Culinary Institute of Michigan Earns Bronze, Silver, Gold and Best in Show Medals at ACF Sanctioned Competition

Culinary Institute of Michigan students standing with their ACF Sanctioned Competition medals

On Saturday, November 10, 2018, students from the Culinary Institute of Michigan's Muskegon and Port Huron campuses earned bronze, silver, gold and best in show medals at the ACF Sanctioned Competition held at the CIM Campus in Muskegon, Michigan.

This event assessed the culinary prowess of the competitors in several areas including cooking, patisserie/confectionery, showpieces, mystery basket, ice carving, contemporary hot food and more. Each performance was evaluated against a set national standard via scorecard, rather than against each other.

Baker College congratulates all the participants from the CIM Port Huron and Muskegon teams for their hard work and fine representation of themselves, our institution, and their community and families! You all truly exemplify what it means to be BakerProud!

For a complete list of competition medalists from CIM Port Huron and Muskegon, please see the following summary:

CIM Muskegon Students Competitors:

  • Tabor Erskin: Silver Medal
  • Arielle Erickson: Silver Medal
  • Ethan Lawrence: Bronze Medal
  • Mackenzie Wiersma: Bronze Medal
  • Stanley James Mersino III: Bronze Medal
  • Samantha Kirschner: Bronze Medal
  • Sam Parsons: Bronze Medal
  • Claire Davis: Certificate of Achievement
  • Tanya Duzey (graduate): One Bronze and One Silver Medal and Best in Show Student Cold Salon

CIM Muskegon Professionals Competitors:

  • Chef Amanda Miller, CC, CPC: Gold Medal Category C, Best in Show Cold Salon
  • Chef Damon Covington, CEC: Silver Medal Category KC

CIM Port Huron Student Competitors:

  • Joe Herrera: 2 Gold Medals and Best in Show SW Category
  • Nadia Foster: Gold Medal and Best in Show SWP Category
  • Meghan Lamb: Gold Medal Category
  • Angelo Myers: 2 Silver Medals and Best in Show SP Category
  • Wade Bruman: 2 Silver Medals
  • Isabella Dean: 2 Silver Medals
  • Queshyra Mason: Silver Medal
  • Cliff DuPuy: Silver Medal
  • Sloane Verhagen: Silver Medal
  • Claire Morawski: Silver Medal
  • Chloe Fellows: Silver Medal
  • Natilie Yax: Silver Medal
  • Sean Murphy: 1 Bronze and 1 Silver Medal
  • Kyle Grace: 2 Bronze Medals
  • Jessika Griewahn: Bronze Medal
  • Cortez Reinhardt: Bronze Medal
  • Kenny Lueck: Bronze Medal

CIM Port Huron Professional Competitors:

  • Chef Michael Schmidt, CEC: Gold Medal Category KC
  • Chef Scott Swamba: Bronze Medal Category KC and Silver Medal Category F1
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