The Mission of the Baker College Radiation Therapy Program is to provide a high quality education that will enable our graduates to have successful careers in radiation therapy. This is accomplished by providing:

  • Access to state of the art equipment both in our labs and at our clinical facilities.
  • A bachelor degree level curriculum.
  • Competency based clinical rotations at a variety of clinical facilities.

Goals & Student Learning Outcomes

To that end the following goals have been established:

1. Our students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.

Student learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
  • Students will exhibit proficient written communication skills.

2. Our students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving.

Student learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills to solve a given problem.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to recognize correct field positioning.

3. Our students will demonstrate professionalism.

Student learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate professionalism at clinic
  • Students will produce a plan for their professional career development.

4. Our graduates will be clinically competent entry level radiation therapists

Student learning outcome:

  • Students will demonstrate ability to ensure patient safety.
  • Students will demonstrate correct radiation safety protection.
Featured Alumni

I chose Baker because they had such a detailed laid out plan for me. It got me working as a nurse and their goal is to see everyone off and working. Baker faculty are very prepared professionals. I felt like they set me up for success.

- Leslie Aldrich, Nurse & Baker Grad
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