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A great career in the legal industry doesn’t necessarily mean becoming an attorney. Lawyers, law firms, and legal departments will always need paralegals who can help with many different tasks, such as interacting with clients, interviewing witnesses, conducting research, drafting legal documents, and assisting with trial and court preparations. While paralegals cannot directly provide legal services to the public, they provide invaluable assistance to those who can.

Our undergraduate paralegal and legal studies programs are designed to help you learn all of the most valuable and practical skills and information you’ll need to begin a career that’s both challenging and rewarding. With classes led by legal professionals, you’ll be getting a real-world perspective from people who fully understand the challenges you’ll encounter on the job. Paralegals are needed in many different types of environments, from private law firms to corporations to government agencies, so once you graduate, you’ll have the freedom to take your career in any direction you like. Start exploring our paralegal and legal studies programs today and find your way forward.

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